Today, I Struggle

When I started this blog I wanted to share positivity, be a source for encouragement, I want to empower and uplift. And sitting here, trying to get myself to write, I just couldn't find my "flow." The truth is, I've been struggling. I kept delaying, trying to force myself into the groove. And then I … Continue reading Today, I Struggle


10 Reasons Young Living Being the World Leader Matters to You

Whether you ask Siri or Google the answer is the same. Young Living, founded by D. Gary Young is the world leader is essential oils. But does that actually matter? I think so. Here's why. They have the largest selection of essential oils available. In total, there is more than 600 products. This gives you … Continue reading 10 Reasons Young Living Being the World Leader Matters to You

I Wonder What They Think of Me?

Ahhh, we've all been there. That encounter or relationship that is meaningful to us and we're trying to figure out what it might mean to the other person. Are they interested in us, like we are in them? What does my boss really think of me? Is my best friend going to forgive me? When … Continue reading I Wonder What They Think of Me?

February 2018 – Oh, Enoch!

When I first started this blogging category I thought I'd just give a general monthly update about what's happening on our farm. However, winter months can be a bit quieter, and this past month most of what's going on has to do with me saying, "Oh, Enoch!" So - he can continue his month of … Continue reading February 2018 – Oh, Enoch!

How Do I Know What to Believe?

It's becoming a common first world problem. There's so much information available and anybody can put information out there; it's difficult to know what to believe as hard fact and what needs to be dismissed. Additionally, we find a lot of divide in the medical world about essential oils and natural wellness, making it even … Continue reading How Do I Know What to Believe?