I Was an Atheist

I remember when I was a teenager, riding in the car with my mom and asking her, "if there's a God, then why do mothers with young children die of cancer?" Her response was quite typical. I still hear people say it to this day. God needed her. He had a different plan for her. … Continue reading I Was an Atheist

I’ll Never be Good Enough

I want you to take a look at each of the wagon wheels that I chose for the featured image of this blog. Now, play along if you would, I want you to "assign" a life skill, or an area of life to each spoke of the wheel. For example, one spoke might represent your … Continue reading I’ll Never be Good Enough

Finding it Hard to Trust

Ever find it difficult to trust? Kinda a silly question. I think most of us have been in situations where we've found it difficult to trust something or someone. Sometimes, having caution before applying trust is a good idea. It can keep you safe. However, there's times where exactly the opposite happens and that lack … Continue reading Finding it Hard to Trust

Emerging from a Summer of Silence

Depression. A word I don't even like saying, for fear it will hear me and decide it needs to kick at me harder. It's also a word we're hearing more and more of. Because we're talking about it more? Because there's more of it in our world than before? I don't know. I don't care … Continue reading Emerging from a Summer of Silence