Sugar Sugar

We’re all aware that the weight loss industry is big business. Most of us have tried a lot of different approaches – and gimmicks, in an attempt to get rid of excess weight. Yet the statistics on obesity just keep going up, along with our numbers on the scale.

Personally, I’m not interested in counting every calorie or tracking every bite. I believe that if we move back to real food, prepared in real ways, that we’ll eventually have a lot less food stress in our lives. This should be simple. Does Mother Earth provide it? Eat it. Is it made in a factory? Leave it alone. And it really can be that simple. However, it’s hard to get there, to where it is simple.

I am challenged with a hard core, full blown, sugar addiction. And while I’m aware that I’m the only one that can be responsible for changing that, I do feel some resentment towards our current food industry. I feel like I was duped into an addiction that I wasn’t aware it could be addiction. Unlike tobacco, alcohol or drugs there is no warning labels on products that contain sugar. There is no regulated age restriction on when you can first consume sugar products. Our schools teach nothing about our body’s response to sugar or the risks to our wellness should we choose to consume it. I don’t even know when the first time was that I consumed sugar. Like many, it’s just always been part of my life.

It wasn’t until I tried to change my lifestyle and improve my health that I realized it wasn’t just that I consumed too much sugar, but that I was a true addict. I never expected my cravings to take hold of me like a crazed beast in my quest for a sugar fix. Who knew that the physical withdrawal symptoms could be so violent? Vomiting, headaches, the shakes – just like someone detoxing from drugs or alcohol. What a scary realization! And when you start looking you realize that sugar is everywhere!

If you’re wanting to rid your body of the sugar beast I found the book, “The Blood Sugar Solution, 10-Day Detox Diet” by Dr. Mark Hyman extremely helpful. It helps your body flush your system within the 10 days using foods that help with the recovery and symptoms associated with getting that sugar out of your body. You’ll be able to move on with a squeaky clean, sugar free body. A word of warning though: for some, they’ll be able to add natural sugars, such as honey, back into their lives. In moderation of course. For others, sugar is a true addiction and you may have to work on your mental game. You may choose to completely avoid all sugars to prevent a spiral back into sugar addiction.

Personally, I believe this one change is one of the keys to a healthier lifestyles. And honestly, it’s a beast I have not yet conquered. Without making this change I know I would continue to cycle, as my willpower ebbs and flows. Consider all the foods you would no longer consume if you chose to leave sugar in the dust! If you’re a current sugar consumer this may feel impossible, impractical, scary and extreme. We’ve seen people improve their health by simple reducing their consumption without actually eliminating it. But consider too the freedom. I day dream of the freedom. The day when something with sugar goes into my mouth and it grosses me out. By choosing to eliminate fake sugar my food options would immediately become almost exclusively real, which in turn would have all sorts of positive side effects. All with just the one change! One!

What is your current relationship to sugar?


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