Christmas Colds

Ahhhhh, the beautiful time of year where the snow is lovely and sparkly, people are jolly and we’re all bursting at the seams with contentment. And tissue. Lots and lots of tissue.

Have you been attacked by the Christmas Cold? I haven’t. I haven’t had a cold in well over a year. Boom! Take that snot monsters! As you may have picked up on, I’m kinda proud of my cold free claim. Now, why would I be so proud of that? I’m proud because it sure didn’t happen by accident. I’ve encountered many a lovely friend a family member blowing their snot germs all over my zone of health. I achieved that on purpose. Whaaa? How?

With my oils of course! My lovely, lovely oils! A good, healthy list of Young Living’s oils have been tested and proven effective as a Natural Health Product to help with cough and cold symptoms. Except I get on using them as soon as people start gurgling snot bubbles around me and before I actually catch anything. This usually helps the snotty husband, for example, get over his symptoms faster and helps me avoid it all together. So, what miracles of whiny prevention do I run to and how do I use them?

My all time favorite way to use them is in my diffuser. I often find that I can keep the cold at bay by using oils approved for cough and cold symptoms at night time in my diffuser.  If I’m going to be playing cards, breaking bread or trapped in a vehicle with a snot host, I’ll make sure to use those dreamy oils then as well. I have these dew drop diffusers in almost every room in my house.


I recently purchased this Orb Diffuser for use in my vehicle. They run off a USB cord and are spill-proof.

orb diffuser

There are several oils that I use. Usually, to keep things interesting, I just pick a different one each night. If it’s an individual oil, like peppermint, I might mix it together with another one, such as lemon. Some of the oils are already scientifically blended for maximum synergy, so I’ll often use those ones by themselves. Thieves is absolutely amazing at kicking that colds butt and R.C. is so soothing. And of course, who could forget, the ever versatile oils Lavender and Sacred Frankincense. There are other oils that are helpful that I’ve accumulated slowly over time, such as Pine and Thyme, but all of those first oils from Peppermint right down to the Lavender are available in a ready to go kit that comes with a dew drop diffuser. The kit comes with Frankincense as well, but it’s not the Sacred Frankincense. But I’m not gonna judge social status here, I love my plain old Frankincense just as much as that Sacred guy.

   Canadian Premium Starter Kit       2017 Canada PSK

So all I do is put 6 drops of oils into my diffuser at night and/or during the day. It works great, since I’m the wife and I don’t get to whine or take sick time, I might as well stay healthy! The kit is dirt cheap. $200 Canadian gets you everything you see in the picture. Each bottle of oil has about 90 drops in it, so you can quickly see how long that’s going to last. And personally, I’m no longer having to buy over the counter cold medications, extra tissue, lost work or any of the other costs associated with a cold. Plus you’re getting other oils as well, such as PanAway which is so nice on the muscles after a work out or a whoops injury and DiGize to support your gut health. (You’re probably starting to see why I call it my YL Addiction – I just love this company!).

Feel free to Contact me if you have some questions. Warning, I’m excitable and passionate 😉

Have an amazing Christmas season and for goodness sake, stay healthy!!!!



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