How I Ended up On the Essential Oil Bandwagon

I’ve always been one of those people that turn off my listening, run far and run fast from what seems like a “fad.” Essential Oils definitely fit into that category for me! Until I became desperate to take back my own health. Getting sick and tired of being sick and tired can make you open to learning about a lot of things.

I always assumed doctors knew how to fix us when things went wrong. And they really are capable of some amazing feats. But, we’re complicated beings and I learned that doctors don’t always have all the answers.

After some abdominal pain led me on what felt like goose chase after goose chase and let down after let down I realized that no one had more control over my health than I did. I’ve learned a lot. Some of my learning I’ve put into practice, passionately. Other things I’m still learning how to fit in to my wellness routine. It’s a process. And that’s ok.

Most of the things I learned fit into two categories. Diet and toxins. You can find more of my diet learnings on my A Wellness Diet blog. This blog will be published monthly instead of weekly. Mostly because my knowing has surpassed my doing when it comes to diet. I’ll get there. You can join me, and if your doing surpasses mine I will be your biggest cheerleader!

I initially delved into the world of oils because I was desperate to be free from pain and I was tired of struggling with depression. Although I recognized that medication had a purpose, they were not something I wanted as a forever answer. Especially because the medication for my needs was addressing symptoms, not cause. Honestly, I was hoping for a miracle cure. I did not discover a miracle cure. But I did discover wellness. Essential Oils are not meant to treat a specific disease or symptom, even though people often use them that way. Instead, they are meant to support our bodies in achieving and maintaining overall wellness. Whether we are well or ill, we should be using oils to help our bodies fill in the gaps.

Young Living offers the biggest line-up of oils out of any company. They also have the oldest and most comprehensive data-base of oils, their compounds and how all that science affects their therapeutic values. What I didn’t realize I was going to learn was all the “other stuff.” Young Living is not just an oil company. They are a wellness company. I learned how the items in my home were contributing to my health struggles. A piece of the puzzle I had control over. Switching my dish soap out for a plant base one and saying good-bye to hormone disrupting chemicals? Easy peasy! Basically I’ve fallen annoyingly in love with the heart behind this company. They don’t just want to make and sell an oil and watch their bottom line grow. They keep researching, keep sharing and continue to provide an ever expanding line-up of products that can help us really a truly be well. Not just be well in one area while we are lacking safe options in a different area.

And that, my friends, is the highlight reel of how I joyfully ended up on this bandwagon.


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