But Isn’t Young Living one of Those MLMs?

Yes! It sure is! And that’s a fantastic thing! People tend to get multi-level marketing and pyramid schemes mixed up. Pyramid schemes are illegal and don’t deliver a product. Multi-Level marketing delivers a product and is very legal. I thought this video was hilarious….

Multi-Level marketing is simply a different way of marketing than what most of us are used to. If you do some research, you’ll discover that it’s an avenue that has grown exponentially and will continue to grow as a way to share and sell products. And while most simply choose to use the products offered, some choose to make a business of it as well. For those that choose to make it a business you have the freedom to choose whether you want to invest the time in making it a small business, with a small additional paycheque; perhaps enough to cover the cost of your purchases. Others choose to invest a lot of time and effort into making it their primary business and make it to the top levels of their companies and earn millions of dollars.

A lot of the bad reputation associated with network marketing is that in the past it used to be advertised as a way to “get rich quick.” For most people, this is not the case. You cannot get rich in multi-level marketing simply by signing up and doing nothing. It takes a lot of work to achieve a lot of money. For those that recognize that they are seeing their lives change.

Not everyone is interested in this type of business, and that’s ok! A lot of people are content at their 9-5 jobs and that job is able to meet all their short and long term goals in life. For most people, Young Living is the brand they choose for superior natural wellness products that makes their lives and homes a healthier and safer place to live.

So, what’s the catch? Some people fear there’s a catch involved in purchasing from a multi-level marketing company. With Young Living, there’s not. They offer you three ways to purchase their products.

Retail: just like walking into your favorite grocery store, whole foods store or drug store, you aren’t signing up for anything and you pay full price (if you choose to purchase your products online you have to create an account, just like you do with Amazon).

Wholesale: Do you have a Costco membership? Many do. You pay their annual membership fee and it gives you access to their products at wholesale pricing for the year. With Young Living you purchase approximately $75 worth of products once and it gives you access to wholesale pricing for the rest of the year.

Essential Rewards: Do you have a credit card with a rewards plan? Many of those credit cards charge a monthly or annual fee and in return you earn rewards. For many, it’s worth it, and you use it to pay for purchases you’d make on a regular basis anyway. Young Living has a similar rewards program called Essential Rewards. You get the wholesale pricing and you purchase items each month that then earn you free product, loyalty gifts and rewards points that you can use to purchase more free product. For most, the purchases are products they are buying monthly anyway, from dish soap, laundry soap, hygiene products, make-up, vitamins and supplements. The “fee” for this rewards program is that you make a 50PV (approximately $75) purchase each month. I like this a little better than a rewards credit card or your other memberships. Instead of paying a fee to access the rewards you are paying for a product that you will receive and use and has value to you.

Personally, I’ve found a lot of advantages to buying my products from a multi-level marketing company.

  • I find the quality to be superior
  • While you pay high end product price, I often find that the cost per use and amount of time the product lasts me makes it much cheaper and more convenient than comparable in-store products (ie. My multi-purpose cleaner is only $1.20/bottle, compared to $5- $7 in-store).
  • I have found I spend less at grocery stores and never go to drug stores anymore. Because my shopping list is shorter without hygiene products, soaps, make-up, vitamins, supplements and over the counter medications I don’t have to go to some areas of the store or some stores at all, which means I don’t make those unplanned purchases. With a shorter list I also know I can get in and out quicker, so I tend to do better at sticking to my list overall.
  • If you go to a restaurant and your friend is the waiter or waitress there, you hope you can sit in their section. You know they’ll give you awesome service. You also tend to leave a larger tip; it’s your friend and you want to bless them. In the same way, when I purchase from a multi-level marketing company my friend is offering me superior product support and knowledge and I’m able to directly bless her family. When I buy from a big box store I have no idea who I’m blessing and there’s certainly no one following up with me to see if I know how to use the product.
  • I have made so many friends!!! Other women who care about me, my health, my wellness, my success. They’re my friends, cheerleaders, encouragers and champions.

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