The Famous NingXia Red

NingXia Red is a super juice that is one of Young Living’s top selling products. I first decided to try it just to give Neil and I a health boost. If what people were saying about this product were true, then it should help our energy, our immunity and just improve our overall wellness.  I struggled a bit with the cost, so I took the time to find out which of the packages was the cheapest per ounce – if I was gonna do this I wanted to get my best monies worth (fyi the Ningxia Red Essential Rewards is cheapest per ounce, followed by the NingXia Red Premium Starter Kit)! Both Neil and I agreed we’d try it, we’d see and we’d go from there. Now, we’re never without our NingXia in the house.

I’m not sure if your men are like mine, but sometimes if I want Neil to do something for his health if I don’t make sure he does it/do it for him, it doesn’t get done. Thankfully, when it comes to the NingXia he’s a big boy and takes his shot daily without any prompting from me!!! BIG WIN hahahahaha After we’d used up the first package I waited before ordering again. Woah. Bad idea. Have that stuff on reserve! When you start taking it you don’t necessarily notice a change like a light bulb going on instantly. Stopping taking it and noticing what you’re missing isn’t the worst idea ever. I definitely know it makes a big difference for us so I have no problems making that purchase. My mistake was not having more on hand to get right back into it! The best way to describe it for me was that I just had more putter. I was getting more done in my day and it was leaving me less exhausted by the end of the day.

NingXia is one of those hard to describe why it’s so amazing products, unless you’re a doctor or nutritionist. So I’m just gonna share a couple videos to help you understand the wonder of NingXia. The first one is a short video from  Young Living about how it’s made. The second video is more scientific and a bit longer, but it does a great job of answering the most common questions people have around using NingXia Red.

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