My Secret Dreams

I wonder if I would be off base if I said that many of us have a secret outrageous dream? I mean that deep down dream of what you would do that would have a ridiculously important impact. That dream that if you had no obstacles it would radically change your life, your family’s life, your community, province, country or world.

One of my dreams has been riding in the background of my hopes since I was a teenager. I call it my Neon Rider dream. If you’re anywhere near my generation you might already know exactly what I mean with that. Neon Rider was a  show I used to watch and it was a ranch for troubled teens. A stable place where their basic needs were met and they could take the opportunity to get well emotionally. As I’ve gotten older and met more people and shared their concerns and challenges that dream has expanded. There’s the Neon Rider dream version one (for troubled teens), version two (for seniors with addictions), version three (for people wanting to overcome their addictions). Should those be achieved additional versions could easily be added, all with the common theme of providing a place for people who normally fall between the cracks of what our society currently provides.

Unfortunately, adulthood often snuffs these types of dreams. We get out there in the real world and often find our energies are consumed with getting by. We’re living the good life if we are able to meet our family’s basic needs, enjoy a bit of recreation, perhaps help out extended family and friends occasionally and make some small donations to causes we believe in. We begin to think that it just wasn’t in the books for us to be one of those people that do something amazing with their life that will be written about in some news article or history book. We may be struck with a pang of discontent when something reminds us of this buried dream but we try to remind ourselves to be grateful for what we have.

But we’ve seen articles of people who have done amazing things. We know there are folks out there who are fulfilling their amazing dreams. What we don’t often do is ask ourselves how they achieve it. We might even think they achieve it because they’ve got something we don’t have. They know something we don’t know. Now this may get some hackles up, but what is one thing that could eliminate all obstacles? Money.

Money could change a lot of things. It can provide you with time you don’t currently have by allowing you to pay people to do things you don’t need to do but have to be done (laundry, house cleaning, your book-keeping, grocery shopping, whatever tasks and chores that take up your time and never end). Money can buy you skill. If I were to have all these ranches these people are going to need to be fed. I cannot expect that I will be the one that will feed all these people, but money could pay for staff that could feed all these people. Money can buy you goods. These ranches would need land, equipment, buildings, groceries and all sorts of supplies.

For those of you panicking about the fact that I am putting so much weight on money, let’s take a minute to think this through. The Bible tells us in Luke 3:11 “John answered, anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none, and anyone who has food should do the same.” Notice that it says if you have two shirts you should share one. That means that your needs are met, and so are someone else’s! God wants us to have more than enough, so that our needs are met and we can also meet other’s needs. Let’s think about the purpose behind these ranches I talk about. If they exist they will offer an enormous amount of help to a lot of people. It will be sharing love and comfort to people in need. Does that not sound like God’s will?

Maybe you’re objecting that some people have money and do good with it, other’s have money and they’re selfish with it, living lavish lifestyles. Take a look though. Sure, there’s the stinking rich that certainly spend a lot on themselves, but when you look at the people that have more than they could possibly spend, there is overflow that ends up in some sort of charitable place. So even someone who is ridiculously selfish, if they have an overflow of money it still ends up benefiting others. You just need to be accountable for you.

Ok, so maybe I have you willing to agree that lots of money can be a good thing. Great you may say, but I don’t have the boat loads of money to do things you’re talking about. How is this relevant? If you really wanted to be able to fulfill your quiet dream you’d require a way to make money. You’d need enough money to meet your immediate needs and enough to have overflow to then start building your dream that can help hundreds of people. What sort of people make this kind of money? Simple. Without fail, it’s people that own their own businesses.

For me, the quiet version one Neon Rider dream started to wake up when I understood the possibilities with Network Marketing. Then, when I really began to grasp what is possible, Neon Rider dream versions two and three and beyond started to blossom. First of all, it’s a business that cannot result in bankruptcy. Second, it’s a business that has significantly less capital to get started then any other business I know of. Third, it’s a business that does not care about your background. You do not have to have a college degree or a silver spoon in your mouth. It is truly equal opportunity. Fourth it gives you the same tax advantages an any other business, allowing you to keep more of those funds in the business, to be spent how you choose, instead of giving it to the government to spend how they choose.

Not everyone chooses to do the work involved to truly succeed in Network Marketing to the point that they can start fulfilling their big secret dream. But it’s the only type of work I know of that the possibility is equally available to anyone who wants it.



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