What the Heck is Therapeutic Grade?

If you’re new to Essential Oils you may notice there is a lot of different labels and terms that are used and not a lot of ways to get assurance of exactly what those claims and labels mean. The more you look the more you’ll realize that labeling is pretty much whatever the company wants to make up to suit it’s needs. Yup, I’m serious!

I’ll walk you through what terms I pay attention to (and don’t pay attention to), and why. I’ll also explain why, after my research, I chose to settle with Young Living and Young Living only. And to be honest, when I started my research I wasn’t using Young Living and I was researching several different companies, labels and the meaning of their claims.

“Pure” – this is a term that is useless unless you research the company. By law, companies can label their products “pure” even if they only put 5% of pure oil into the bottle and the rest is filled with something else. Additionally, a pure oil is pointless if the oil in the bottle isn’t therapeutic and isn’t organic.

“Organic” – The term organic is important. You want your oils to be organic. However, if a company carries a line that is organic along with a line that isn’t, I’m going to question that company’s integrity. If you’re considering oils it’s likely because you want a healthy, natural alternative. If they’re carrying a non-organic line they don’t truly care about your health, they care about getting their product into people’s hands, end of story.

“Therapeutic Grade” – This means that the oil has the right make-up to have a therapeutic value. The oil has action when used. If an oil isn’t therapeutic grade, is organic and is pure the ONLY thing it will be good for is to replace your candles. It will have no impact on your body or wellness, or at the very least it won’t have the impact you expect it to.

I think it’s critical to note that the term Therapeutic Grade is not a regulated term by any sort of health or government body. Any company could slap that label on their oils if they wanted to. You want your oils to be therapeutic, but it’s really important to research the company making the claim so you can determine what therapeutic means to that company.  They are the ones setting their own standards for therapeutic grade and you need to decide if that company’s standards meet your expectations.

So, why did I choose Young Living?

  • 23 Years in the Industry
  • They own their own farms and have partnered with their other farms to ensure strict standards are met for the soil history, soil management and plant management. Plants are hand weeded for example.
    • Some companies brag because of the testing they do to ensure purity….if they were actively involved in the farming of the raw goods purity should never be in question!
    • Through the Young Living Foundation they are actively engaged in improving standard of living for communities all over the world. This includes strict human rights employee standards, building schools and meal programs, among other efforts.
  • They have an open door policy. You are welcome on their farms, you are welcome behind all doors, you can even bottle your own oil!
  • They have their own scientists, their own quality labs and they use independent partner labs.
    • Every single batch of oil is tested to ensure it’s constituents meet a therapeutic value
    • Young Living has been able to figure out the best therapeutic levels because it has one of the biggest data base libraries
    • When a crop is reaching it’s peak harvest our scientists are in the fields conducting micro distillations and testing for therapeutic value. When it’s at it’s best, it is harvested.
    • If a batch of oil does not reach the proper therapeutic levels it is not bottled.
  • Young Living has the biggest variety of oils available
  • You can literally smell the difference

Those are just some of the reasons I chose Young Living. But really, it’s a heart centered decision as well. I did a lot of research, which took a lot of time. Not only did I feel that Young Livings products would meet my expectations because of “facts” behind how the company is operated, but I also found that I trusted and connected with the people behind the company. This meant that the investment of my time and research had a payoff by allowing me to make my purchases without having to research each product individually. I know that if it has Young Living’s stamp on it that I can trust it.  The Seed to Seal video below is one of the pieces of my research that helped me to make my decision.


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