How Do I Know What to Believe?

It’s becoming a common first world problem. There’s so much information available and anybody can put information out there; it’s difficult to know what to believe as hard fact and what needs to be dismissed. Additionally, we find a lot of divide in the medical world about essential oils and natural wellness, making it even more difficult to know where to align your loyalties.

I’m no medical doctor. I’m also not a major science geek; so how have I helped myself to get comfortable on my natural journey? My first goal was to choose a company that I could trust. This allows me to purchase products with comfort about quality while choosing how much research I want to put in to the science behind a specific product. I touched on why I chose Young Living in a previous blog Are Essential Oils Safe?  Put simply, I chose Young Living because I trust them completely. That’s all well and good, but now which products do I use to meet my wellness goals and which products do I need to be aware of safety factors?

The truth is, if it’s difficult and inconvenient to find the information we need, we’re likely to continue doing what we’ve always done in the past. For me, downloading the Reference Guide for Essential Oils app was one of the best decisions I’ve made to encourage me. For those that prefer books over the apps, there’s the Reference Guide for Essential Oils desk reference and a smaller pocket reference. All three of these resources have the same authors/information. The material is specific to Young Living’s oils, which is perfect if you’re wanting information about one of the blends. While the information is based off Young Living’s scientific research, these Essential Oils references are not endorsed by Young Living itself. There is some information that is not compliant with FDA or Health Canada recommendations. The reason I chose the app is when I wanted to support a specific area of need I could search my symptoms and it would give me a list of oils I could try, how to use them and where to use them. You can also look up each oil and blend to find out what the ingredients are, what it’s constituents are, how they’ve been used historically, where to use them and any safety cautions. I found myself quickly opening the app, doing a search, finding an oil I could try that I had on hand and using it first before heading to the medicine cabinet.

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For those circumstances where I needed or wanted more scientific or specific information, especially about the supplements or cleaning supplies, I found two people who do the scientific work for me and then can explain it in terms I understand. I personally find them both very engaging, supportive and I’m thankful they use so much of their time to serve us by sharing information that would otherwise be difficult for us non-scientific folk to sort through.

My first go-to person is Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton. Yup, Jim Bob. You’ll love him! If you don’t, we can’t be friends (I’m kidding!). Dr. Jim Bob is a chiropractor who has grown his practice on addressing whole body wellness to assist with physical wellness and he’s a huge advocate of Young living’s products supporting that process. It was his teaching and just his shining love behind it that made me fall so in love with Young Living (don’t say I didn’t warn you!). He has a Facebook group called the Essential Oil Club (EOC), but it’s private. If you’d like to be added to the group send me a message on my @realconfidentredneck Facebook page and I can add you. He also has a You Tube channel.

Another resource I really appreciate is Lindsey Elmore. She is a chemist and a pharmacist and is amazingly helpful at answering common questions we have when we start to know a little and that knowledge leads to more questions than answers. She is available on Facebook as the Farmacist. She’s also available on You Tube as thefarmacistala.

These are three resources that I have personally chosen for myself. I encourage you to find reliable resources that you connect with and trust. And when I say trust I mean take the time to ask yourself what the history and qualifications of your resources are. Simply googling and finding a charismatic who knows who on the entire web may not be your best approach. You’ll notice that my three resources are all authored by people that have spent a lot more time in school, the healthcare industry and science world than I have. They have a better understanding of the more complex side of oils, supplements and cleaning chemicals. This isn’t to say that you need to diligently research each and every Young Living product before you can feel safe using it. I’m willing to bet, just like me, that many of you may not have researched your main stream laundry soap, deodorant, hand lotion or toothpaste. However, it is amazing that we can readily have access to these types of resources when we begin to question what has commonly been available to us and whether there are better options that we should be considering. Because really, for many, that is the question. It’s not about the science of each product, it’s about how important is it, really, that I consider switching out what I am using for other products that claim to be safer and natural. And if you’re beginning that journey, you’ll likely be challenged by your own questions, your spouse may resist or your friends may roll their eyes at you. So if you’re needing encouragement and support that yes, these decisions are smart and you are making a great choice, this can gird you up to not care about the skeptics. And when we feel that pull and conviction in our hearts that the change is vital it makes changing things out slowly over time a lot easier (actually, it makes it harder, cuz once we start to really be convicted of the need for the change we want to change it all out now lol).

Now go forth and grow your brains 😉 hahahaha


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