10 Reasons Young Living Being the World Leader Matters to You

Whether you ask Siri or Google the answer is the same. Young Living, founded by D. Gary Young is the world leader is essential oils. But does that actually matter? I think so. Here’s why.

  1. They have the largest selection of essential oils available.
  2. In total, there is more than 600 products. This gives you a huge arsenal of natural products to choose from, meeting your household’s individual needs. Products range from essential oils, supplements, weight management, food, beauty supplies and cleaning supplies
  3. 68 countries. Young Living sells in 68 countries, including 56 countries in Europe. This means they have passed all safety standards and resource regulations for all of these countries.
  4. In Canada, 61 products carry a recognized Health Canada Natural Health Product label. This means they have been tested to successfully treat specific symptoms ranging from joint and muscle pain associated with sprains, strains and arthritis, headaches, certain digestive concerns, cough and cold symptoms, skin issues ranging from acne and boils, eczema and dermatitis to cuts, bruises and burns, among other things.
  5. Bigger is better. When you’re relying on Mother Nature to help you provide your supplies, she sometimes lets you down. This can mean a shortage of product. Young Living owns and partners with farms all over the world, so if  one region is affected by a reduced harvest or harvest spoilage plans either are in motion or can be put into motion to meet the supply demand from a different location. This reduces the overall time a product is in short supply or not available.
  6. Young Living employees 50 of their own scientists. That would be like the difference between a family doctor or a specialist. 50 of our very own specialists! But of course, we also have 12 Independent partner labs. That helps to know there is that accountability check.
  7. Young Living has done over $1 Billion in sales each year since 2015. Those sorts of numbers don’t happen by accident.
  8. You can have the most amazing product in the world, but if you’re a crappy company ethically it will eventually show itself. With over 4 million members (that doesn’t include customers who purchase from a member) it’s clear that the heart behind Young Living is just as amazing as their products.
  9. It’s great to support local, and with Young Living being set up as a Network Marketing company that’s exactly what you’re doing when you make a purchase. You are directly supporting your friend, neighbor or family member. Quality aside, if you purchase your natural health products from a natural health store or even the grocery store, who are you supporting? You’re supporting someone, sure, but you usually don’t know who.
  10. Bigger is still better. With over $1 Billion in sales Young Living has the buying power to be exact about their requirements. Add in the Young Living Foundation and their buying power not only speaks in dollars, but in their heart and compassion for all people of the world. Let’s expand on this a wee bit. If Young Living is going to a new country and is looking to partner with a new farm provider they bring a lot of positives to that farm. In turn, that farm wants to want to provide the precise product Young Living is looking for. Young Living offers a large market. The farmer will be able to sell what he has put so much effort into growing. Young Living offers experience. We want our farms to be organic and sustainable. We’re able to offer the farmer support with our knowledge and technology to pair with their existing knowledge and technology to grow the best product under the best circumstances. The Young Living foundation has touched more than 200,000 individual lives. When they operate in an area and can help that whole community improve their quality of life, you’re not just changing the life of that one farmer, you’re changing the world. So when Young Living requires a product to be grown in a specific way, undergo specific testing to ensure high quality standards are met the partner farms are eager to provide that product, because both sides are winning.

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