I Don’t Need Young Living Because I’m Already Healthy

Many people get introduced to Essential Oils because they have symptoms they want the oils to help with. They are looked at as an alternative to medication. A replacement for it if you will. However, that is not necessarily how Essential Oils are intended to work. Yes, Essential Oils can help people regain health, but they can also help people to maintain health. Young Living has over 600 products that range from the oils to cleaning products, supplements, skin care, make-up, weight management, nutrition and child care.

If you are claiming you are healthy then it’s logical to say that health is important to you. Because let’s face it, being healthy isn’t always easy. If you’re defining health by your activity level, strength, weight, nutrition and absence of illness you may be missing a lot of areas in your lifestyle that could have a negative impact on your health in the future. Often, when people talk about health the above areas are what we’re referring to. But a truly healthy life includes a lot more than just our physical health. It also includes our mental health, financial health, spiritual health, emotional health, short term health, long term health, the health of our children and grandchildren. Many of us have heard the greeting, “Shalom.” Most of us recognize it as an Arabic word. But there’s also a version of it that is rooted in Israelite history. I don’t remember enough of the details to fully explain it to you, but this part stuck with me. The greeting is not just a simple “hello.” It goes much deeper than that. It’s the person saying the word “wishing” the other person Shalom and it means that there is nothing missing, nothing broken. It’s an absolute completeness in every area. Recently a book was published about having an Oola Life. This is based on a similar concept. Oola promotes having balance and wellness, health if you will, in 7 key areas. These areas are Family, Friends, Faith, Finances, Fun, Field (career) and Fitness. Taken in a broad definition we can see that these 7 areas can encompass everything in our lives.

Young Living is truly capable of providing us with this Shalom or Oola level of wellness. Here’s how:

Family – The cleaning products, skin care, make-up, childcare and supplements help to prevent illness from entering your home through the chemicals that are often found in products from big box stores and negatively affecting your family. The oils can help with emotional wellness, preventing or overcoming colds, headaches and other physical wellness issues. They can also help promote sleep and harmony.

Friends – When you Young Living, whether as a business or a customer, you are automatically introduced to a lot of other people that tend to be focused on building each other up. There is often gatherings and fun activities, social media groups that include fun and encouragement. Not only that, but there ends up being personal development, sometimes that you don’t realize you are looking for and reconnecting with old friends often happens.

Faith – Young Living is very faith based. Many of the members are Christians (or at least the ones I’ve met), though that doesn’t mean you have to be. But it results in a level of love and kindness, a spirituality if you will, that encourages you to continue with, seek out or increase your own personal choice of what you want your spiritual life to look like.

Fun – Young Living offers so many DIY ideas that your crafty side can soar free. There are recipes for bath bombs, skin lotions, laundry soap, lip balms, and you can fill your house with amazing scents with an abundance of diffuser recipes. Add some additional fun by decorating containers in creative ways. Then there’s gatherings. You can create DIY parties if you love to host, or you can attend them if you love to participate but don’t like hosting duties. And some of the resources available to learn about the products is 30 minutes spent in hilarity (such as a good Lucy Libido video). Using the products can also improve your mood, which makes it a lot easier to engage in fun in all areas of your life.

Fitness – So many opportunities with Young Living and fitness! Products and support groups that can help with energy, nutritional wellness, weight loss, recovery from exercise, optimizing performance, cleanses – we have it all!

Field – whether you choose to make the Young Living business opportunity your field of choice, you’re a stay at home parent or you work at a job somewhere, Young Living can help. The oils can help with emotions and mood, sometimes making a more difficult day easier to manage. You tend to get introduced to some amazing learning opportunities that can be helpful in advancing yourself no matter where you’re working, or making the best of the position that you have. For some, their work requires repetitive motion or causes stress to a particular area of the body. The oils and supplements can help you with your physical health so you stay strong. Has your work responsibilities ever caused you to look for joint support? An energy boost? Relief from strains, bruises or burns?

Finances – A network marketing business is a business model like no other. If your financial health is desperate, or simply not meeting your personal or family goals, it’s an option that provides opportunity like none other. This video does a better job of explaining than I can.

So keep up the great work with your physical health and don’t forget to nourish your health in every area of your life! Shalom 🙂


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