Just So Tired

Sleep. Or lack of it. It’s a common problem that many of us have suffered with at some point in our lives. There is a lot of reasons for feeling tired. For me, it’s usually because I simply don’t get enough of it, even though I know I should. For others there’s a medical reason. Sometimes it’s temporary, perhaps caused by a time of stress or worry. Whatever your reason, there’s a lot of slogging through life feeling tired.

There’s a lot of nasty side effects to a lack of sleep. In terms of our health, it’s just as important as nutrition. According to this WebMD article there can be 10 surprising effects of sleep loss:

  1. It can cause accidents
  2. It makes it hard to think properly
  3. It can cause serious health problems such as Heart Attacks, Diabetes, Stroke and High Blood pressure, among other things.
  4. It kills your sex drive (Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo)
  5. Contributes to depression
  6. It ages your skin
  7. It makes us forgetful
  8. Can cause weight gain
  9. Increases risk of death
  10. Makes us prone to poor judgement (like not going to bed; oy vey)

Ideally, we’ll all be able to achieve that magic 7-9 hours of sleep each night as part of our “don’t die and live healthy” plan. But sometimes we need a little help. If you are suffering from chronic lack of sleep my first recommendation is that you consult a doctor. As you can see, it’s critical that we achieve proper rest most of the time.

If your sleepiness isn’t caused by a  medical issue, but is instead caused by a concert the previous night, temporary minor worries, temporary physical discomfort or some other temporary and recognizable cause, Young Living has a lot of options to support a good nights sleep and to help us through those days where we maybe didn’t get enough sleep.

But did you know, sometimes lethargy is related to the toxins contained in the other products in our home?  Sometimes it’s the ingredients themselves that are causing the lethargy. Other times, the toxins may affect our emotional balance. And if you’re a woman you know how many areas can be affected by rollercoaster emotions! So perhaps you picked that fight with your spouse, that keeps whirling in your brain, keeping you awake, because of an emotional imbalance caused by the toxins in our everyday products! When I first learned this it was intimidating as…well… let’s leave it as intimidating. It’s not like I want to be a tired, snippy crank towards my husband, children or friends! Now I learn that not only could my short night of sleep cause me to be off kilter, but hidden toxins in my products are silently manipulating me into a bitch like some sort of voodoo queen. Well I ain’t having it! Ditch and switch!

Common products where we might find these types of ingredients include:

  • Soaps. Any of them, laundry, dishes, body and hand
  • Dryer sheets, dryer sheets, dryer sheets. Nasty beasts those ones
  • Fabric softener
  • Some candles, plug-ins and other products we use to scent the air or freshen our home
  • Hygiene products including lotions and make-up

Not sure where to start? Pick three commonly used products in your home that fall into the category above. Check it’s toxicity in the Think Dirty app (free and available on apple and android). I find I get the best results when I use the “search” feature instead of the bar code scanner.

You may be inclined to want to gather all that nastiness up and toss it out the door. But for most of us that’s not exactly affordable. I simply chose to start doing some of my regular shopping with Young Living instead of at the grocery or drug store. Combine the benefits of a Costco membership with a Rewards credit card and you get our Essential Rewards Program. Do some of your monthly shopping this way and you receive wholesale pricing, points back to spend on free product, cheaper shipping, lots of free products and access to Essential Rewards collections that a regular customer doesn’t have access to. Unexpected bonus? I find I spend less time and money when I grocery shop because I can skip some aisles, so I make less impulse purchases. And because my list is shorter and I know I can get out of there faster I go in with a “get in, get out” plan instead of a “this is gonna take forever so I might as well browse and enjoy” attitude.

If you wanna check out our cleaning, hygiene, supplements and oils to support your sleep and emotions you can head here:

Young Living

God Bless and Good Rest!



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