Post Convention

Thanks for hanging out with me during Young Living’s 2018 International Grand Convention week! I figured I’d wrap up the week of spamming you with info with some of my take-aways. Other nuggets in themselves will be the foundation for blogs in the future.

D. Gary Young – Founder

As many may be aware, the founder of Young Living, D. Gary Young, passed away on May 12th, 2018 after several strokes and other health complications. I have never met Gary personally, but hearing his wife and sons talk about him I definitely wished I had. As you may expect, his passing so close to convention resulted in his presence still being very strong. I love how Mary, his wife, addressed a question many may not feel comfortable asking. If the products that Young Living carries are so amazing, how is it that their founder died so young (he was only 69)?

In his 20s Gary was in a logging accident. His injuries were so bad that he was actually left on a gurney in the hallway of the hospital upon his arrival, written off as soon to be dead. After several days medical staff began to realize that perhaps he wasn’t planning on dying after all. After coming out of his coma he was told to never expect to walk again. Gary was the kind of man who’s days were built on action. Not being able to walk was a devastating blow and there’s a long story of his walk through the resultant depression, and yes, walking again. Gary lived life full throttle. He traveled all over the world, tried everything he could and came up with wild journeys other’s wouldn’t consider. As you can expect, this isn’t the easiest way to live for one’s body. Mary summed it up perfectly; Gary lived as long as he did because of his products.

You’ve perhaps heard me mention before how Neil has described my personality as either “third gear or neutral.” I am either so into something that it overtakes me or I’m in neutral – pause mode if you will. Gary seemed to live his life in third gear. There was no neutral, heck, not even first gear. His passion was to get Young Living products into every household in the world. Now, yes, that makes a great mission statement. But let’s actually think about that. Somebody who lives at that pace doesn’t stay at that pace because they always feel like being at that pace. Mary spoke of many nights where he was in so much pain she’d spend hours massaging oils into his legs. Gary often developed new supplements because his own body needed those supplements just to be able to keep moving. Yes, he walked again after his accident, but it wasn’t without consequences. His body paid a huge toll trying to keep pace with his passion. A video they showed of him spoke of how he often wished he had more time with his family. He spent so much time traveling to other countries researching, finding new plants, developing new farms. It’s easy to believe that there were many times where emotionally he didn’t feel like pushing so hard. But he did. Why? Because he believed so strongly in these products. Gary believed, and I believe, that Young Living and what he accomplished was his mission from God. It was his purpose in life. I can’t help but believe that he stood at the gates of heaven and received this highest praise from God, “well done, my good and faithful servant.” And when I stop and really feel that level of commitment. That level of commitment to God and that level of commitment to his work on earth. Whew eee! I feel humbled. I feel inspired. I feel motivated. I feel so incredibly thankful that he did what he was supposed to do. That we have this company, Young Living. That we have access to these products. These products that can assist us in so many ways, so that we in turn can have the ability – physically, emotionally, financially; to complete our own missions from God. Thank you Gary!

Young Living Foundation

Young Living encourages giving. That’s why they set themselves up as a network marketing company instead of marketing their products in traditional stores. They believe the network marketing model gives people the ability, if they choose to go for it, to set themselves up for financial stability. The kind of financial stability God wants for us. Abundance. Enough to meet our own family’s needs plus enough left over to give and help others. The Young family has set a great example of being givers and has also set up giving through Young Living through the Foundation. They give to several areas.

  • Rebuild Nepal – after a massive earthquake in 2015 Young Living started on a mission to rebuild 100 homes and build a school for one community. This goal was recently achieved and will now be expanded to other communities still not rebuilt.
  • Young Living Academy Ecuador – In Ecuador most children drop out by the 8th Grade. At the Young Living Academy they had a 97% attendance rate and graduates are on their way to college.
  • African Hearts – a rescue program for children living in the Kisenyi slum, considered the biggest in Uganda and one of the biggest in Africa. Helps provide housing, meals and education.
  • Sole Hope – with the primary focus of helping children and adults become and remain jigger free. Jiggers are sand fleas that burrow into hands and feet to lay their eggs. Wounds can become infected and lead to many other health related issues.
  • Healing Faith Uganda – provides malaria education, prevention and treatment. It focuses on more remote villages with limited access to aid.
  • Hope for Justice – to end human trafficking and slavery, in this generation.

Giving can be super easy – you simply round up your Young Living orders to the next dollar. You can check this box when you’re completing your orders online. Folks can also give in larger one time or monthly amounts, or they can organize a fundraiser. You can choose whether you’re simply giving to the Foundation and they allot the money where the need is, or you can give to the cause that calls to you specifically. Much more in-depth information is available here:


It is clear that Young Living wants us to succeed. We had such an amazing line-up of speakers! Speakers to add to our personal growth, speakers to add to our product knowledge, speakers to add to our business knowledge! More speakers than you could possibly see in 3 days. Thankfully, there’s a digital convention ticket where anyone can go check out all the speakers! Yayyyyy!

I highly recommend Mel Robbins’ 5 Second Rule to anyone struggling to move forward with their goals. 5-4-3-2-1 GO! Eric Wore – a network marketing icon – my color is purple and it is STRONG (see the General Session June 15th on the digital ticket to have that one explained hahaha)!

If you want to check out the Digital Convention Ticket you can do so here:

New Products

All sorts of new products!!! Whoop whoop! The government of Canada has guidelines that prevents us from being able to advertise products that are only available for purchase if ordered from the US. Most of these products will be making their way into our Canadian warehouses once they’ve passed Canadian regulations, and Young Living gets them to us as soon as possible. Until then, I can’t stop you from checking out US citizen Lindsey Elmore’s Facebook page where she talks about all the new products! Two of the new product line-ups ARE in Canada immediately though! I bought them. Mighta bought a few other things as well. Might bought a lotta other things…. but we’ll talk about those in private. A new oil, Kunzea is available for purchase now, as is the gorgeous new lantern diffuser.


A native shrub that grows wild along the southern coasts of Australia and Tasmania, kunzea was used for centuries by native cultures. The kunzea plant, with its bulbous tops and whimsical blossoms, is commonly referred to as “White cloud.”

The extracted Kunzea essential oil has comparable properties and uses to Tea Tree oil but offers a more pleasant aroma and milder sensation when applied topically. It contains a high level of alpha-pinene and eucalyptol, so it works to help soothe fatigued muscles and reduce the appearance of blemishes. When diffused, it helps create a relaxing atmosphere and creates a refreshing experience.


Lantern Diffuser

Complement your décor and set the mood with the Lantern Ultrasonic Diffuser. A warm and welcoming invitation for guests, this stunning lantern made with exquisite metal and glass details transforms any room by permeating the air with the aroma of your favourite essential oils. The Lantern Diffuser has longer run times than many others and 11 light features, including an alluring candle-flicker mode, which makes it the perfect addition to any setting or gathering. The Lantern Diffuser also functions as a humidifier and atomizer.

Lantern Diffuser

I Will be Unapologetic

A lot of people are leery about network marketing. We’ve all had those friends (Pretty sure I’ve been that friend – sorry/not sorry) that get started with a company and then pursued you with passion to join their organization. Can I just share with you, that for me, it’s not about the money I’ll make off of you! Well….it is, but it’s not? Can I just explain? lol

Since so many are touchy about the money aspect, I’ll speak to that first. If you purchase something from me, will I make commissions off your purchases? Yes. Of course I will. If that makes you sad, give your head a shake and think about that a wee second. If you eat at a restaurant where your friend is your waitress, are you gonna leave a larger than normal tip, or a smaller one? Probably larger. Because they’re your friend! I didn’t become friends with you five years ago so I could one day join a network marketing company and make money off of you. Just like if your friend was a friend and then opened a hardware store, you’d likely go shop there for your hardware store needs. Because they’re your friend! So yes, if you shop from my store, I will earn something from that, but you’re not my friend just so I can make money off you. Oy yoy yoy

Let’s take the hardware store analogy a step further. We’re friends. We’re visiting around the campfire. You mention you’re going to build a deck. I tell you to just come on down to my hardware store. We’ve got everything you need to build your deck. Come by on Tuesday, cuz I’ll be there and be available. I will help you personally, so that you can have the best deck at the most affordable pricing. I’ll throw in some instructions sheets to make your deck building easier. Heck, if you have a question while your’e building your deck on the weekend, I’m your friend, you’re not gonna hesitate to go ahead and give me a call on my private number and ask me a question about this weird thing a ma jig and how is it supposed to be attached? I might even come help you build your deck! Maybe you’ve only been thinking about this deck for a short while. You know you want two levels, a shaded area, a dining area and an area for a fire. With just that information, because I own the hardware store and I’m familiar with decks, I likely have a better idea of what you might need than you do! I can picture the railing types I might show you to choose from. I might have an idea of what size it’s going to need to be. If you’ve never built a deck you’re going to have to learn a lot. What hangers and joists are. The best way to support the deck. I, as the hardware store owner, have the vision of the deck and I’m confident you’re going to end up with a great deck. You, on the other hand, know what your end goal is. A great deck. But you don’t know the middle part, how to get there. But you trust me and you know I’ll get you there without taking advantage of you.

This same analogy applies to my business with Young Living. If we’re visiting and you mention a need, I might offer you just the right thing to fill that need. You might not have been looking for something for your need. Perhaps we were just visiting. You didn’t realize I could help you with that need. But just like the hardware store owner is obviously going to help his friend with his deck needs, I’m obviously, as your friend, going to want to help you with your need that my business can meet. If you’re agreeable to trying what I recommend, will I make money from it. Of course. But that’s not my motivation for mentioning how I can help with the need. It’s because we’re friends. And friends don’t like to see friends be in want for anything!

The unique thing about a company like Young Living is that it can address a lot of different types of needs. There’s the needs the products meet, such as chemical free, healing, health support, emotional wellness, beauty. But it also addresses a lot of other needs. Friendships. Confidence building. Personal Growth. Financial needs. You many not realize my business meets those needs. Just like the friend may not have realized his other friend sold deck packages. But I know my business can meet your needs because I’ve had other customers come to me with those needs and have those needs met! So from now on, I am going to be unapologetic about mentioning to you that my business might meet your need and I am also going to apologize if in the past, my business has been able to meet your need and I haven’t mentioned it because I was scared that you would judge me, when all I really wanted was to not see my friend be in want for anything.


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