I’ll Never be Good Enough

I want you to take a look at each of the wagon wheels that I chose for the featured image of this blog. Now, play along if you would, I want you to “assign” a life skill, or an area of life to each spoke of the wheel. For example, one spoke might represent your ability to parent, another spoke your abilities at sports, another spoke your ability to manage your finances, etc. As human beings, we have a lot of spokes. Like, a lot, a lot.

Maybe some of you are jumping ahead in your brains and have figured out where I’m going with this next. In life we will have some areas of our lives that are good spokes. They’re strong and complete, with no rot and they reach to the end of our wheel of life intact and still beautiful. Other areas of our life are more like the broken spokes. They need work. They’re not whole and they’re not pretty. Now, I’m going to take a wee side journey here. This is not the main point of my thoughts, but it IS an important point and someone might need to hear it.

Nobody. And I mean nobody is wheel #4 in life. If you are expecting yourself to be wheel #4, cut yourself some slack, cuz ya ain’t getting there until you enter heaven. If someone is trying to tell you that they’re wheel #4 and/or they’re judging you because you’re not, you just go ahead and pray for them to receive some humbleness – cuz they’re lying to you and to themselves. In life, guaranteed, you are one of the other wheels. I’d even venture to say that we are all of the wheels, at different times in our lives. Sometimes most of our spokes are pretty strong and even though we have a few broken ones we’re still able to roll along fairly smooth in life. Other times so many spokes are broken our old wheel is just a wobbling and threatening to fall over. That’s the little side journey, and it’s important. So if you need to just keep mulling on that concept for a bit, you go ahead and do that, cuz you need that revelation and that revelation will give you freedom (personally, it’s one I need to remind myself of from time to time – aka – daily/hourly sometimes).

Ok. Back onto the main road. I want us to think of a professional athlete for a moment. Let’s say an Olympic runner. When someone gets into the Olympics none of them run for the participation medal. They’re running to win. They’re running to break world records. Maybe it’s their first time in the Olympics. Maybe they’re not expecting to win this one, but they are expecting that it’s part of their journey, part of their polishing to eventually win. Everything they do is so that they will win in the future. Now let’s say breaking that world record could also be defined as “perfection.” Now clearly, not everyone that races in the Olympics is going to reach that target. However, every single one of them is aiming for that target. If they weren’t aiming for that target, they’d never get as far as they did. They would have quit long ago and done something else with their life.

Now I want us to think of housecleaning (betcha didn’t expect that turn – I’ll bring it together at the end, trust me). Say perhaps you’re a super planner. So you plan to “deep clean” different areas of your house each day of the week. Monday is bathrooms. Tuesday is dusting, Wednesday is floors, etc. Your plan is that those areas on those days will get super level cleaner attention. In the bathroom you wash the walls of all the “wall sweat,” the baseboards are wiped, the cover of the bathroom fan is taken down and washed, light fixtures are taken down and washed. The old cotton balls stuck in the back of the drawer and yellowed with age are dug out and thrown away. You get my picture. Super level clean. You may even say that bathroom is perfection. For about a minute. Then you hear, “are ya done in there? I need to pee.”

Combine these two scenarios and you got a pretty good formula for life perhaps. Or at least one good formula on the spoke of the wheel of good formulas for life bahahaha. I’m mostly speaking to myself. If you get encouragement out of it, whoohoo, but it’s a concept I need to keep reminding myself of as well. So here’s how it ties together:

Aim for the perfection. Whether you actually reach it or not, chances are you’re still gonna land further ahead than if you weren’t aiming for it. People are gonna pee on you. You might even pee on yourself. It’s gonna mess up that perfection you were aiming for and you’re gonna have go back to it and set it straight again. And again. And again.

Final critical point – only you can choose which spokes of your life you’re going to work on, based on your own interests, morals, values and beliefs.

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