Thank you for joining me on this journey! I look forward to getting to know you, my all important readers 🙂

I live in rural Alberta Canada. I am married to my husband Neil and have four amazing step-daughters, Cheryl, Yvone, Cory and Nicole. Neil and I are blessed and I am constantly humbled by our amazing lifestyle on our farm. It is a lifestyle Neil grew up with and one I knew I wanted even as a child. We have cows, dogs, cats, chickens, sheep and sometimes pigs. I also enjoy a lot of redneck activities, such as camping, quadding, working the fields in the tractors and hunting.

I attended college to work with people with disabilities. I did that for a number of years before becoming a manager of a seniors supportive living lodge. It’s a great industry with a lot of amazing people with huge hearts.

I can be feisty, my Irish blood runs true! Nothing can get me more fired up then when I think I need to step up to defend someone or something. I’ve always loved reading and had a desire to write since I was a child. I hope you’ll enjoy my contributions!

This website and blog came about as a result of that feisty Irish. There is an epidemic I feel I must rise up against and fight! I’ve noticed so many instances of how a lack of self-confidence has negatively affected people’s lives. Each page on this website represents a different perspective on ways to increase or show off your self confidence or shares why lacking self-confidence in certain situations can be truly dangerous.

“Real” – This one word covers a lot of things. I believe that with “real” health, we feel more confident. That could include our diet, products we choose in our lives, exercise. It also may include “being real.” Something many don’t have the confidence to always be – and warning – may at times be a little blunt. Don’t worry though, you can handle it. My intention isn’t to ever be mean, but you may find sometimes that I am “real” and say it like it is with no apology. If the shoe fits, wear it. If it doesn’t that’s ok too. Install “Real” in all areas of your life and you may find yourself experiencing “Shalom” – with nothing missing, nothing broken.

“Confident” – On my blog you’ll find specific examples that I’ve witnessed of situations where a lack of confidence has been the root of the story. You’ll find encouragement (likely also in a blunt manner, be prepared for it!) and suggestions for building your own confidence, along with WHY it’s important!

“Redneck” – This applies to you! Even if you live in the city! Let’s think about how we perceive rednecks. The first adjectives that may come to mind may be ill-kept, gap-toothed, poor mannered or uneducated people. But let’s set those stereotypes aside for a moment and consider the “root” of a redneck. A redneck will wear the clothes they choose to do the things they choose to do. Does this sound a little freeing? A redneck will participate in an activity if it sounds or looks like fun to them, no matter what anyone else thinks or how they may end up looking while doing it or after doing it. Again, sounds a little liberating! A redneck will try something new, just to say they’ve done it, without fear of looking like a fool. Do you see where I’m going with this? A redneck is a perfect example of LIVING WITH SELF CONFIDENCE! My goal is for this particular page is to be a little more light-hearted and fun. Come join me on my farm – dig deep and let’s go find your inner redneck!

*Disclaimer (required because the world is full of idiots)* I am not a professional anything. Any stories, recommendations, product referrals, tips, tricks, opinions, thoughts, rants, videos or anything found, shared or linked on this site are strictly me sharing. Whether you choose to comment, participate in contests, purchase or try any products or services I may recommend or make changes to your personal life based on anything posted in this  blog you are 100% solely responsible or liable for any and all outcomes.