I was attending a woman’s conference/fundraiser type of event in support of a small local school. One speaker was talking about women not having confidence, believing in themselves or believing in their own value. This concept, quite honestly, surprised me. It really surprised me when my own mother and sister, who obviously had access to similar circumstances such as myself, confirmed they too could connect with what the speaker was sharing.

This began a several year period of observation. What I’ve observed is that A LOT of decisions we’re making, whether good or bad, are rooted in some form of confidence. All too often it’s a lack of confidence or an attempt to gain confidence that drives how we go about conducting our lives. I’ve seen how the lack of confidence negatively affects so many areas of people’s lives. From the jobs they apply for, the jobs they keep, the friends, partners and familial relationships they have. How they parent. What kind of friend they are. Their level of conviction to their own morals and values. I’ve also seen the freedom that a moment or life of confidence can provide.

I’m not perfect, I don’t expect anyone to be perfect. But boy, I’d sure love to encourage you along in your level of confidence!!! I also really look forward to hearing from you, your personal experiences and feedback. No matter where your confidence level is, the chances that it could continue to grow is fairly good. Keep your eye on my blog posts for my personal opinions, thoughts and observations on topics rooted in confidence!