What the Heck is Therapeutic Grade?

If you're new to Essential Oils you may notice there is a lot of different labels and terms that are used and not a lot of ways to get assurance of exactly what those claims and labels mean. The more you look the more you'll realize that labeling is pretty much whatever the company wants … Continue reading What the Heck is Therapeutic Grade?


Mirror Mirror on the Wall

We've all seen women doing this - walking somewhere and they pass a mirror or reflective window and they sneak in a quick check of their image. Of course different people do this to varying degrees. Some it's just a quick appearance check, for others it's obsessive. Is it a helpful habit or could it … Continue reading Mirror Mirror on the Wall

My Secret Dreams

I wonder if I would be off base if I said that many of us have a secret outrageous dream? I mean that deep down dream of what you would do that would have a ridiculously important impact. That dream that if you had no obstacles it would radically change your life, your family's life, … Continue reading My Secret Dreams

No Boundaries

Have you ever chosen not to share something with your spouse or best friend, believing that what they don't know won't hurt them? I can't count how many people have admitted they have a habit they hide from their spouse. So many relationships have difficulty sharing openly about finances and being 100% upfront about where … Continue reading No Boundaries