Ten years ago I began having some vague abdominal pain issues. Initially it wasn’t significant in degree of pain or how much it affected my day to day life. However, as time progressed the pain increased in severity and began happening more often. Of course, this negatively affected what and when I could do the things I wanted to do. I started the whole round of doctors, specialists, this treatment, that treatment. Blah blah blah My stress levels increased. My depression, which hadn’t been an issue for over a decade, came raging back. My ability to cope with anything flew out the door. I stopped laughing and started constantly feeling angry and irritated. In the whole “fight or flight” I was in full on flight. I wasn’t willing to stay that way!!

I have always loved the “Laura Ingalls Wilder” series and have read it every year! I love the pioneer spirit. The concept of being able to be so self-sufficient is appealing. I’ve always believed that if a person kept the key areas of their life “real” that it would “naturally” lead to good health. In my mind, this “realness” encompasses so many areas.

I also truly believe that you need the “real” stuff on your side in order to be healthy enough to achieve and maintain self-confidence.

I’ve divided this page into smaller categorized pages.


A Wellness Diet real wellness

This page will have helpful articles on ways to improve your diet – in a real way, without gimmicks


My YL Addiction YL Whole Life Wellness

Young Living is a company I have wholeheartedly fallen in love with. They have a complete line-up of products that help me keep toxins out of my home and improve my wellness naturally.

Get RealGet Real

My thoughts and ramblings. Probably blunt. Perhaps unintentionally offensive. Motivated with love. Hopefully funny.

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