Out and About on the Farm

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Meet Some of our Critters

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Camping and Quadding in Canada

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When you hear the term “Redneck” what are your first thoughts? Mine might be a little different then your traditional definition. According to my definition, everyone is gonna want to be a Redneck!

To me, a Redneck is:

  • Not concerned about what others think of them
  • Available to help out a fellow family member, friend or neighbor, even at their own inconvenience
  • Willing to try new things without fear
  • Kind, funny, not judgmental of others
  • Honest

Put all these characteristics together and what do you think a Redneck’s spirit is on the inside? FREE! Light! Happy! Removed from stress and worry. How awesome is that?!?

I don’t care if you have never been outside the city, come join me virtually on my Redneck journey. Perhaps you’ll discover some of your own Redneck!

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